Kintetsu Miyako Hotels International, one of the leading hotel groups in Japan, has signed an agreement with D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions, a cloud-based e-commerce solutions provider, to achieve its strategic plans to drive direct revenue.   

D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions will provide a complete suite of technology infrastructure platforms to assist the hotel with traffic generation, website efficiency and conversion, the three fundamental pillars that drive business and generate higher-margin revenue: with Digital Marketing/traffic acquisition programmes that are designed to bring the inbound travellers; with website development in different languages to maximise the click-through ratio to the Booking Engine; and finally the Booking Engine with 36 languages and multi-currency, that converts lookers into bookers.

“We believe that our partnership with D-EDGE will advance the Group’s outreach capabilities and also drive powerful next-generation customer loyalty, said Kazuya Morimoto of Kintetsu Miyako Hotels International.