SoftBank Robotics Group Corp has launched ‘Whiz’, the new AI enabled vacuum-cleaning robot, to commercial customers on trial and subscription basis in Hong Kong and Macau.

“In cosmopolitan cities like Hong Kong and Macau, we believe the introduction of Whiz will significantly boost operational productivity at commercial premises, and enhance cleaning performance over the long run,” says Kenichi Yoshida, chief business officer at SBRG.

Whiz can record up to 600 cleaning routes, for which janitors can perform the initial floor cleaning with Whiz on the first day, and subsequently those routes would be stored in Whiz, so that it can clean the area autonomously on its own. Instructions are simple to follow and easy to use. With its small-built and multiple collision detectors, Whiz can navigate its way close to walls and avoid obstacles with the on-board BrainOS which helps to determine the best route given the surrounding environment. The notification pager can send real-time alerts in case of any unexpected issues. It can clean an area up to 1,500sqm, the size of three basketball courts, for three hours on a four-hour battery charge. Whiz also comes with a smartphone app “Whiz Connect”.