The latest restaurant concept by the team behind Beef & Liberty, Emmer Pizzeria & Café, has opened its doors on Level 4 of Pacific Place in Admiralty, Hong Kong.

The 110-seater space features an iconic rotating steel pizza oven, a deli counter stocked full of freshly-made salads, signature Emmer bread panini and pastries, and has alfresco seating options for an invigorated dining experience. Under the helm of executive chef and master pizzaiola Karla Mendoza, Emmer Pizzeria & Café serves up a pizza pie: which is 11 inches of crisp-yet-chewy dough, baked to perfect golden brown.

“Emmer” takes its name from an ancient, organic heritage grain eaten by hunter-gatherers for thousands of years before it was first cultivated in the Near East. At Emmer Pizzeria, the same whole grain is hand-milled to preserve the antioxidants and nutrients in the kernels and blended with rye and Italian flour. The flour is mixed with water and natural yeast and then left to ferment and rise over two days, allowing the dough to develop complex air bubbles and texture before being baked in the iconic rotating steel oven.

The resulting 11-inch, 6-piece pizza is the perfect blend of chewy and crispy; light inside, with just the right bite of crunch from the crust. Apart from its signature pizzas, Emmer Pizzeria & Café offers an all-day dining experience that includes a selection of breakfast items such as Emmer bread Panini.