It’s a Rosemantic Summer in Hong Kong

HABITŪ’s chic Italian-style neighbourhood boutique cafès are celebrating their annual ‘Rosemantic Summer’ with new rose-themed handcrafted beverages and desserts, workshops honing coffee skills with Turkish skincare brand, gülsha, exclusive member offers and new merchandise souvenirs from now From July 15 -11 October 2020. For diners who wish to share a ‘Rosemantic Summer’ with loved ones in the comfort of their own homes, it is all available for takeaway.

Five new handcrafted beverages and four spectacular desserts integrating rose are on this latest celebrated instaworthy annual ‘Rosemantic Summer’ menu.

Bright and breezy Rosa Garden Shakerato is a caffeine-free mulberry leaf green juice blended with rose honey. Sultry Rosa Espresso Shakerato is a fruity, balanced iced espresso shaken with rose honey. Pretty pink Açaí Rosa Soy Granita is freshly-made raspberry purée blended with açaí, soy milk and shaved ice, topped with rose petals and garden greenery. Marrying latte macchiato with signature rose honey, Açaí Rosa Soy Latte Macchiato is served hot, drawing the wonderful aromas of rose and coffee bean flavour in soy milk.

Another option is the  Rosemantic Rosé,HABITŪ’s own branded 2019 rosé wine from the celebrated ‘Lunar Collection’ of Chateau d’Astros in Cotes de Provence.

Four equally irresistible and Instagrammable desserts complete the ‘Rosemantic Summer’ menu.

Two are available at all eight HABITŪ table and HABITŪ cafè branches – Romantic Raindrop, a lightly sweet vegan-friendly kanten jelly with subtle rose flavour and dried rose petals, garnished with garden fresh berries, grape, fig and apple; and Strawberry Rosy Tiramisu is an elegant and creamy mascarpone  concoction with rose honey-infused ladyfingers and strawberry rose compote, topped with fresh strawberries, chia seed and rose petals.

Also on the list: Strawberry Rose Churrosare served with house-made rose jam and Hot fluffy Berries Pancakestopped with Greek yogurt, raw honey, chia seed and fresh mixed berries.

Coffee-themed workshops also continue a ‘Rosemantic Summer’ tradition under the guidance of HABITŪ’s specialist baristas at HABITŪ table Hysan Place (Eslite) and Olympian City. Bookings can be made via