Kaiseki Spanish Style

Executive chef Agustin Balbi’s latest seasonal menu for Haku, in Hong Kong, is a refreshing ode to Japan’s hot summer months. Curated from the...

Second to None

Chefs are looking beyond the prime cuts and leading diners down a different path. Jane Ram on the new trend that underline zero waste. Forward-looking...

Ramen Cubism

Japan’s ramen noodle champion Hayashi Takao and Matsumura Takahiro have launched their new international flagship brand, Ramen Cubism, in Hong Kong; their first overseas...

Individual: Hot Pot

Japan’s trend-setting ‘farm-to-table’ restaurant group AP Company is expanding in Hong Kong with the local debut of its dynamic hot pot brand Bijin Nabe....

Chocolate Tales

Chefs are becoming increasingly creative in their approach to chocolate, writes Jane Ram. Chocolate has been around for some 4,000 years. Before they went into...

Farming Black Gold

Farming caviar has led to democratisation phenomenon: consumption has increased and the salted roe is easily available. Victoria Burrows on that means to the industry...

RICE Rice Baby

Creative chefs are starting to explore and exploit the intrinsic qualities of different strains of rice, using the contrasting colours, shapes and textures as...

Beef Bonanza in HK

Home to the largest collection of Porterhouse steaks in the Hong Kong, Porterhouse reveals a series of new menus highlighting its prized beef selection....

Singapore restaurant tops the list

Odette in Singapore has taken the top honours, No.1 spot, in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list. Serving Asian-inspired modern French cuisine, chef Julien Royer's Odette...

Celebrating Spring

This April to celebrate the arrival of spring, Sze Chiu-kwan, Head Chef of Dong Lai Shun restaurant in Hong Kong, has crafted a list...

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