Copper Glow

This is an elegant fine-dining series in a modern copper look from Villeroy & Boch. An enduring trend across the board, from fashion to...

Taking the waters

S.Pellegrino has unveiled its Design Special Edition together with Italian architect Giulio Cappellini.  The three limited edition bottles are available at The Mira Hong Kong, The American...

Perfect pour

Carolus Nolet, Sr., tenth generation owner of Nolet Distillery, dedicated over four decades of his life to perfecting NOLET’S Reserve Dry Gin. NOLET’S Reserve Dry...

Making Connections

The new Ixconnect furniture connector systems from Häfele promise more efficiency and process stability. The Ixconnect SC 8/25 spreading connector, which is invisibly mounted,...

Form and Function

The Stilus radiator and lighting feature, an innovative hybrid system re-examines the rules of engagement in this first joint effort between the company and...

Brand kAAKAO wants a change in EU legislation

kAAKAO has revolutionised the art of chocolate making with chocolate sweetened with dates that is suitable for vegans, people with allergies, intolerances, and diabetics...

Decanter detail

Decanters have made a comeback with establishments using them to serve large pourings of wine and even to serve spirits so that guests can...

Scribble on your walls

The world's first write & erase robot,

can turn any wall into a wonderwall. Created by Carlo Ratti Associati this intelligent ‘writing robot’...

Powerful, efficient and reliable

Santos Ice Crusher #53 is what every mixologist needs as it makes both fine and coarse crushed ice ideal for cocktails like mojitos, frozen...

Dust catchers

Early this year Siemens Building Technologies Division introduced a new fine dust sensor for buildings, rounding out its product offering for a healthy indoor...

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