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Sharpening form and function

When asked, chefs say the most important kitchen equipment is their set of knives. Zara Horner finds out why. Satisfying heft… intuitive design… well-crafted… elegant…...

At the Cutting Edge

What are some of the major factors driving design and innovation in new types of kitchen knives for professional kitchens? Donald Gasper talks to some...

Premium Cut

Perfect workmanship combined with an arresting design and unbelievable sharpness are the hallmarks of this new knife series from Giesser. The blades of high-quality...

The knives are out

The knife business employs modern techniques and technologies to improve both product and productivity. Michelle Farquhar discovers how those at the cutting edge promote...

The Kindest Cut

Steak cutlery from Giesser, one of the leading manufacturers of knives and accessories for the food service industry, is ideal for grilled meat with...

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